Vacation Lodging at Anchor Bay on the Mendocino Coast in Northern California

Aerial view of Mar Vista Cottages

A project to ensure that a bit of our coastal past is not lost to modern development.

Twelve Housekeeping Cottages
with kitchens and harvest from our organic garden and just laid eggs from our hens for your skillet!

Two night minimum stay, three nights during holidays

A short walk to one of the most beautiful beaches in all of North America

Complimentary Wi-Fi


Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Because of Covid-19 safety restrictions we may not have the dates you desire. We are required to keep a cottage empty for 24 hours before arrival and limit overall occupancy to 75%. So, we have blocked a number of dates to comply.

Nevertheless, book early and often.

For Your Protection during the Covid-19 pandemic - CLICK HERE

Mar Vista staff, guests and you must comply with California and Mendocino County COVID-19 Safe Business Operations Protocols

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