Mar Vista Cottages

at Anchor Bay

Mar Vista Cottages

Mendocino Country Life, April 2005

"You've heard of Agri-tourism -- Farms adding lodging to diversify.
Well here's a story about lodging adding a farm!

Mar Vista

Today the 12 little cottages are happily refreshed, and their devoted guests are delighted to discover something they say they had been searching for but had almost given up finding! The cottages are refreshingly simple, and the nine acres are a welcome natural landscape filled with native plants and wildlife, two ponds, a redwood forest and Ferguson Creek, breathtaking ocean views and private access to one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern hemisphere according to Condé Nast.

That's not all, there is a very notable and unique addition to life at Mar Vista. Renata and Tom have cultivated an organic herb and vegetable garden for their guests, and have just begun planting the 8,000+ square foot fruit and nut orchard and flower cutting garden!

Throughout their stay Mar Vista's guests are encouraged to self harvest in the gardens and enjoy the just laid eggs from Renata and Tom's small flock of hens. The guests delight in preparing their harvest in their own cottage kitchens stocked with an array of old fashioned and most manual cooking paraphernalia! The whole experience is extraordinarily pleasurable because it draws the guests back to the heart of the simple life, which after all the layers have been peeled away, is astonishingly intense!"