Mar Vista Cottages

at Anchor Bay

Vacation Lodging on the Mendocino Coast
in Northern California at Anchor Bay

 “There’s nothing to do here, how come it’s so much fun!”
  Sam, 11 years old

Before their first visit to Mar Vista parents will sometimes
ask us “what will my children do without television?”

A few particulars: In-House Wedding Coordinator Wedding Guests - maximum 70 Cottage Guests - maximum 36 Rental of all cottages is required, two night minimum stay Additional lodging options exist within walking distance of Mar Vista Catering required Facility Fee is based upon number of guests and planned activities
Photograph by Tara Watson

At Mar Vista children are free to turn on their imaginations, they entertain themselves, they change from passive to active and interact in very simple ways with nature, with each other, and with their parents!

Mar Vista Cottages

Could it be that children are overwhelmed and intimidated by too many choices these days? Could it be that simple adventures like exploring the creek looking for slimy banana slugs, or building a sandcastle on the beach is comforting to a child who lives in a stressful, complicated world of beeps and boops, homework and fierce competition. Could it be that children need a rest too!